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Some day when all hell breaks loose, there will be a group of us who will be able to make our way in the wilderness and embrace survival.

A little knowledge goes a long way!

This series is inspired by my love for post-apocalyptic stories and foraging, and this week I’m looking at:


A hairy green herb with spear-shaped leaves and clusters of mauve bell flowers, comfrey can be found in ditches and damp places.

The root itself is edible raw or cooked and Darina Allen in her Forgotten Skills book has a lovely recipe using the leaves, if you’re willing to try comfrey fritters.

(Image via WikimediaCommons/Trish Steel)

Not only that, but this great plant also has medicinal purposes and was historically used to treat ailments such as sprains, arthritis, gastric and varicose ulcers and acne.

Like all things that are edible, it’s best that you don’t overdo it on the comfrey but it’s perfect for if you’re looking for something different (or of course, if you’re in an apocalyptic scenario). Moderation is key.

Whatever you do, do NOT confuse this plant with the deadly Foxglove or that will be the end of you!

As a side note: If you’re a keen gardener, comfrey can be your best friend, as it’s an excellent fertiliser when it’s mulched down and perfect for organic growth.

Movie to watch: War of the Worlds

(Lead image via WikimediaCommons/BernardDUPONT)

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