The Survival Series Part Four: Pennywort

Foraging and finding food in the wild can be quite exciting and when you learn what to look out for it starts to become more than hobby and more like an addiction.

In this series I explore various wild foods, which could be helpful for you in any apocalyptic scenario (or simply if you’ve an interest in trying something new). This week:


Also known as Navelwort, this bright green bite of the wild can be found in many places across Ireland. A fleshy plant, it’s so named for its umbilicate (or navel-like) leaves.

Found on cliffs, stone walls and stony banks, it has quite a distinctive look and can be enjoyed simply by plucking off the leaves and popping them into your mouth.
(Image via WikimediaCommons/Geograph)

From June to September, you’ll see pennywort with large bell-shaped flowers that veer upward into a spiral.

According to Kerry folklore, the perennial plant was “known to be a cure for corns”, though I’ve yet to see proof of that!

This plant is perfect as an addition to any salad as it gives a juicy bite to the rest of the leaves.

It has a lovely texture and makes for a nice contrast against the softer plants.

Easy to snap up if you’re in a hurry, it’s no wonder that this little plant is also known as “bread and butter”. Happy foraging!

Movie to watch: The Road

(Lead image via WikimediaCommons/Geograph)

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