Part Twelve: Irish Food and Drink Producers Worth Getting to Know

Celebrating the best of what we grow, create and produce here in Ireland – this ongoing series looks at some of the many things we create here.

Here are five more producers that stood out for me this week:

Mella’s Fudge

Mella began making fudge for a local sweet shop in Bantry when she was in school.


Gradually her kitchen enterprise grew in scale and now she works from her own unit kitchen in Lisavaird Co-op, outside Clonakilty, West Cork.


Goatsbridge Trout Farm

Founded in 1962, they’re one of the few trout farms that produce local products from start to finish; growing their fish through their whole life cycle.


Their fish live in natural earthen ponds, and they grade all of the trout according to weight and size.


Fancy Fungi

Fancy Fungi began in 1998 to a profitable enterprise as a hobby! It became a partnership company run by Nikk George and Nickey Dempsey in 2001 and in 2006 it formed a limited company.


The only specialist in the region of cultivation, development and production of edible, exotic and gourmet mushrooms, they produce on average 700Kg to 1000Kgs of mushrooms per week!

Their products are naturally grown and chemical free and contain no animal by product.


Tempted? Irish Craft Cider

Davy Uprichard had an idea to set up ‘dj’s juice and cider’ and built a purpose built Cidery at his home outside Lisburn where hestarted pressing apples.


Founded in 2009, Tempted Irish Craft Cider is made in Northern Ireland from a blend of the finest Co. Armagh apples using traditional farmhouse methods to produce a lightly carbonated pure juice cider.


De Róiste Puddings

De Roiste Artisan Pudding began in Ballyvourney Co. Cork back in 2008 by Jimmy Allen who also owns a Heating and Plumbing company in the town.


With the help of his son Declan , they opened the shop with the family recipe been passed down through the generations from Declan’s great grandmother Elsie Roche.


(All images via company website and Facebook pages)

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