Ballymaloe Day 69: A ray of sunshine among cuts of meat

The diagram just wasn’t sticking – I couldn’t remember any of it.

I woke up this morning with information swirling around – for some reason I had measurements on the mind and couldn’t get the ratio of salt to water for curing meat out of my brain.

Up early with a long list of things to-do on the agenda, I decided to head out before I became completely trapped in the Ballymaloe bubble.


Walking along the road with fellow housemates, it was great to just get out. I don’t think I’m the only person that has cabin fever and at this stage I wished that we were past the exam stage and on the real home stretch.


Depositing two of our friends at a café, we strolled along to Shanagarry strand and basked in the sunshine while breathing in the fresh, sea air. It was tranquility at its finest.




Back home on the ranch, it was down to looking through notes and studying to my heart’s content.

Everyone has their own system but when it comes to hitting the books all I need is some peace and quiet with pens, paper and highlighters.

Taking 45 minute slots at a time, so far I’ve looked at cuts of meat, mother and daughter sauces, cake and bread notes, food business and spice notes – to say I’ve an information overload is an understatement and I’ve a lot more to do.

There’s so much to learn over this 12 week course and I almost wish we had a mock exam so that we could see what the layout is potentially like – it’s really like a mini-Leaving Cert all over again.

All shall be well. Back to the books folks – my break is over!

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