Part Nine: Irish food and drink producers worth getting to know

Celebrating the best of what we grow, create and produce here in Ireland – this ongoing series looks at some of the many things we create here.

Here are five more producers that stood out for me this week:

Ballycotton Seafood

I recently bought a huge plaice from the folks at Ballycotton Seafood, and not only was it superb value but it tasted really good.


A family owned fish and seafood business, they offer fresh fish as well as smoked fish using traditional oak methods.


Irish Piedmontese Beef

Two family farmers based in Tipperary and Laois, Irish Piedmontese Beef supply meat which is said to be lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken.



Keen Nut Butter

Based in Northern Ireland, Keen’s first product line was a range of natural, minimally processed nut butters, offering a healthier alternative to peanut butters.


The Dough Bros Wood-Fired Pizza

Based in Galway, The Dough Bros specializes in making Neapolitan style pizzas, using fresh, seasonal and local produce.


Their dough is handmade in front of people’s eyes, as well as their sauces. Their oven reaches temperatures of up to 500 degrees celsius!


Orpens Cider

With no juice concentrate used in their brew, their delicious cider is made from fresh pressed apples.


“Our cider tastes of Ireland, because it reflects our soils and our climate”


(All photos from featured Facebook pages)

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