VIDEO: Be part of it – learn about GIY’s exciting new Grow headquarters

For me, there’s something incredibly satisfying about plunging your hands into the soil and creating a space to grow your own. From farm to table, there are so many people out there that get a kick out of seeing something grow up from the ground.

Global movement Grow it Yourself aka GIY, is planning to head up a HQ in Waterford; where an all-new hub for planting, growing and learning will be, as well as a place to learn how to cook with the freshest of ingredients.

They’re currently looking for support on Fundit, and if there’s anything I’d recommend getting behind, it’s this.

For those who are not too familiar with the concept, GIY is a movement that aims to encourage people across the globe to make the most out of the land around them – to take to the earth and grow.

“When people grow their own, they gain a deeper understanding of food called ‘food empathy’ which acts as a lever to a healthier lifestyle”, they note and I’d tend to agree – there’s something rich about plucking fresh food from your own plot.

Currently, there are 50,000 people involved in this initiative online and in the community.

Below, founder Michael Kelly talks about the exciting new plans for the new GROW HQ.


Learn more about the GIY global movement on their website here.

(Image via GIY International on Facebook)

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