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The Sunday Round-Up: A well-needed catch-up and a cup of tea

My fellow Beanies, it’s been a while. Let’s sit down, relax and have a cup of tea. A lot has changed over the past few weeks.

Cooks Academy

After a long time to holding out and keeping an eye on the job front, I started with Cooks Academy the week before last as their Digital Content Manager!

Looks like my long awaited dream of combining my love of media and food has come true – life has so many different routes for us to take but right now, I’m grateful.

I guess that’s hence why there’s been a mini hiatus here on the bloggy, blog. I’ve had to settle into a new position and sort out what needs to be done. Don’t worry I’m still blogging!

Currently I’m working on the Cooks Academy Blog where I’m giving insights into what’s going on in the school as well as helping with redesigning the look and feel. Let me know what you think.

Irish Foodies

In other related food updates: I’ve created the Irish Foodies subbreddit on Reddit which is a great social network that’s constantly on the ball with news.

Irish Foodies is going to be a hub for all the latest goings on in Irish food where people can just submit links be it from their own blog, recipes, things they saw in the news etc. etc. Have a look at it over here. (Incidentally I’m also a moderator of Irish Food – got to keep juggling all of these pots!).

Instagram and Facebook

I update way more about my food goings on, on Instagram and Facebook, if you’d like to check them out. No pressure of course, but just in case you thought I had jumped off the face of the planet.


Really delighted to have been featured by Paul McLoughlin on Savour.ie (really surprised too as I’ve been slightly neglectful of my blogging duties!). I particularly like that he was appreciative of my MegaBites section – I’ve got to keep the geek in me happy.

You can read the full article here.

savour feature

(Lead image is of a Vietnamese Crab Salad that I rustled up recently for a birthday)