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Question of the Week: Do you think there is a difference between junk food and fast food?

Is pizza junk or fast food? Is convenient food, junk food?

To me the main difference between junk and fast food is that junk food tends to offer little nutritional value, whereas fast food though it also takes little time to prepare but may not necessarily be “bad” really.

These days however, fast food is definitely something most people will associate with McDonalds, to show the service they offer compared to a restaurant where meals take longer to prepare.

Junk food often refers to the food itself and its value rather than the model of production – it’s typically quite processed.

It also depends on your own definition of “fast food”, to some whizzing up a salad, stirfry or sandwich may be deemed as fast food but too often than not the words suggest “takeaway”.

Here’s what people thought about it on Twitter:

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Question of the Week: Taking photos of your restaurant food – yay or nay?

It’s not uncommon these days to see diners whipping out their phones and taking a quick snap of their dishes – but is this a good thing or an annoyance?

For some it has become one of their biggest pet peeves and for others it’s all natural.

I’m one of those people who takes photos of what’s going on in the dining room for blogging purposes, but I’m always somewhat aware of the people around me.

I make a careful note of not having my flash on and getting the deed done quickly but I still can’t help but feel a bit judged when I take out my phone!

What do you think? Is it rude to be snap happy at the dinner table or is it just something people should be allowed do to celebrate their love for food? Here’s what you had to say on Twitter:

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Question of the Week: When you hear the words “Irish food”, what do you immediately think of?

When one mentions “Irish food”, what immediately jumps into your mind? Is it the stereotypical potato that reminds you of Ireland or is it something more modern like our fresh seafood or artisan breads?

Because I’m fascinated so much by what we produce here in our impressive but small island – my mind immediately wanders towards the supreme quality of our dairy and meat.

Perhaps I’m biased, but anytime I’m abroad I can’t help but compare our milk and how much I miss the rich and creamy flavour back home.

Here’s what you had to say about Irish food on Twitter (apologies for not embedding these Tweets, even when I embed without the parent tweet it still seems to appear!):









Question of the Week: Communal Bench Dining – Yay or Nay?

For those looking for a more casual experience eating out, it’s getting more common to see communal benches cropping up, where diners share the experience with strangers.

When I was travelling in Asia, it was quite common to see clusters of people to be huddled at one table but it wasn’t the norm in Ireland.

My first experience of dining like this in Ireland was in Wagamamas, where I remember really enjoying the communal aspect of dining because of the buzz surrounding the food and the speed at which it was served.

Since then, though still common in Asian food establishments like Neon and Yamamori, there’s definitely an influx of bench-lovers from Fumbally to Jo’Burger to Pitt Bros – Though some of these businesses do offer a few seats that have their own space, people are invited to eat with each other.

But does this take away from the experience of dining or enhance it? Here’s what you thought on Twitter:







Question of the Week: Should menus have calorie counts on them?

When it comes to eating out, depending on where you’re heading you could see some other numbers on the menu apart from price.

It seems that we’re getting more health conscious when it comes to food and with even more restaurants and food chains cropping up, it’s no wonder that companies want to highlight who has the healthiest meals.

But does that put people off?

This week, I’m asking the question: should menus have calorie counts on them or does it depend on the business?

Here’s what you had to say on Twitter:

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(Lead image via Wikimedia Commons/”Sin mapa” by Connormah – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain )

Question of the Week: How do you like your steak?

Happy Saturday! In this new weekend feature, I’m hoping to hear your views about a variety of topics relating to food and the food and drinks industry.

Kicking us off, this week I was curious to know how people like their steaks.

Growing up down in Kerry, though the steak was rare, it was quite common to have everyone at the table order theirs “well done”.

Even I used to order it that way, and at the time I used to wonder what the fuss was about. It just tasted like a hunk of meat. But then… I met “rare”.

These days I personally love mine to be really rare and definitely not incinerated like I was used to. I even had one blue while I was at Ballymaloe and it was delicious. I think it’s because I love the texture of raw meat and when it’s chargrilled to perfection it’s amazing!

How do you like yours? Here’s what you’ve been saying:



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