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Part 20: Irish Food and Drink Producers Worth Getting to Know

What we create here in Ireland is something that’s worth celebrating.

We have world class meat and dairy, and with talented producers on our doorsteps it’s no wonder that we’re admired from abroad.

Here are five more producers that stood out for me this week:

West Cork Pies

Fan of the rebel county? West Cork Pies are handmade from local ingredients, prime cuts of meat and are prepared freshly each week.


According to its creators, “what you’ll get from me are good quality, very tasty, products full of substantial ingredients not just cheap gravy and the odd lump of something indistinguishable. All the eggs I use are free-range and everything I make is made from the raw ingredients. I do not buy in anything ready made, that way I know, and you can trust, exactly what has gone into my products”

Website: http://www.westcorkpies.com/

Green Beards

Based in Dublin, Green Beards specialise in producing cold-pressed juices and freshly made smoothies to satisfy thirsty customers.


Using fresh, raw and organic ingredients, these cleansing juices will have you walking around with a spring in your step.

Website: http://www.greenbeards.ie/

Armelle’s Kitchen

Tartlets, sweet treats and wonderful French macarons, Armelle’s Kitchen is worth checking out. (See lead image!)

Based in Kildare, they’re experts in homemade cakes and goodies.

Website: http://www.armelleskitchen.com/

Connemara Smokehouse

With a pride in smoking fish, Connemara Smokehouse is renowned for producing some of the best seafood products in Ireland.


From smoked kippers, tuna, mackerel and eel, all of their fish is locally sourced with all of their salmon products available in Wild, Organic or Farmed.

Website: http://www.smokehouse.ie/


Gluten-free and wheat-free, Gookies is an Irish company that specialises in cookie dough.

Milk chocolate, triple chocolate? Sounds like treats that would satisfy any sweet tooth.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gookies/110103285717377

(All images sourced from company Facebook pages)


Part 17: Irish Food and Drink Producers Worth Getting to Know

We don’t need to look far to see some of the wonderful products that are being created right under our noses!

From homemade goods to family-based produce, we create a vast variety of food and drink in the country that are worth celebrating.

Here are five more food and drink producers that caught my eye this week:

Ayle Farm

Based in Tipperary, Ayle Farm are producers of Handmade Artisan Chutneys, Relishes, Pickles, Cooking Sauces and Preserves. All the products are made in small batches on their farm by hand.


They grow a range of vegetables that they use in their products and source whatever they don’t have from other local suppliers.

Website: http://aylefoods.ie/

Duncannon Smokehouse

Originally set up by Frank Ronan back in 1974, his son Kai Ronan continues this master smoker tradition, producing a 100% pure and natural, hand crafted, smoked seafood range.


Their organic range is now shipped worldwide and includes Irish Oak Smoked Salmon and Irish Cold Smoked Trout.

Website: http://www.duncannonsmokehouse.ie/

Joe’s Farm Crisps

Crisps with a difference. Based in Ballycurraginny, Killeagh Co. Cork, these crisps are handcooked from vegetables that are grown on their farm.


Website: https://www.facebook.com/joesfarmcrispscork

Delish Melish

Got a sweet tooth but looking for something different? Delish Melish make handcrafted gourmet marshmallows and meringues.


Available at the Honest2Goodness market every Saturday, these treats are ideal for weddings and corporate events.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Delish-Melish/266575233549811

Blast and Wilde

Can’t get enough of the wonderful creamy butter that we produce in Ireland? Check out Blast and Wilde!


They produce flavoured butters including Wild Garlic and Pesto, Black Olive Tapenade, Zesty Lime, Chilli and Coriander Seed.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/blastandwildebutter

(All images via company websites and Facebook pages)

Part 15: Irish Food and Drink Producers Worth Getting to Know

Celebrating the best of what we grow, create and produce here in Ireland – this continuous series is looking at some of my favourite producers.

Here are five more Irish companies that make the most of what we have to offer:

West Cork Garlic

West Cork Garlic has been grown on land near Ballynacarriga, Enniskeane which has produced great tasting Irish garlic.


This is because there’s a combination of rich fertile soil near to the Bandon river along with planting premium quality Irish grown seed, as well as reputable imported seed. No wonder it tastes so good.

Website: http://www.westcorkgarlic.com/

Ariosa Coffee

Based in Ashbourne, Ariosa’s goal is to bring the very best single origin speciality coffees from around the world to their costumers, without any compromises.


Michael Kelly imports and roasts carefully selected coffees from around the globe.

Website: http://www.ariosacoffee.com/2013/

The Snacktastic Food Company

An award-winning homemade artisan snack company using fresh locally sourced quality ingredients.


According to its creators, the Snacktastic Food Co. “emerged out of pure frustration at the lack of choice in stores for munching, crunching, dipping and snacking”.  They set out on a mission to make the perfect snacks without all the unnecessary stuff.

Website: http://www.snacktastic.ie/

Burkes Farm Ice Cream

Who can resist the creaminess and deliciousness of ice cream? Based in Meath, Burkes are the makers of the finest Jersey Milk Ice Cream and Sorbets.


Bernie and John Burke have been producing ice cream since 2006 from their herd of Jersey cows and have won many awards for their great quality.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/BurkesFarmIceCream11?fref=ts

Glenbeigh Shellfish

Established in 1994, Glenbeigh Shellfish has been harvesting crops of mussels, oysters and clams to loyal customers for many years.


Nestled in Dingle Bay, the company also produces a very popular range of prepared mussels with their handmade Herb & Garlic and Cajun butter crumbed.

Website: http://www.glenbeighshellfish.ie/

(All images via company sites)