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Swiss Chefs Savour Irish Beef on Trip to Ireland

This week, Bord Bia is hosting seven Irish beef loving Swiss chefs and two food journalists on a nationwide tour of the country.

The aim is to showcase Ireland’s beef industry and build on Ireland’s positive image in Switzerland as the home of quality, traceable and sustainably produced food.

The chefs are members of the Swiss branch of Bord Bia`s Chefs` Irish Beef Club, which brings together Michelin star and other renowned chefs who promote and use Irish beef in high-end restaurants.

As ‘Irish beef’ brand ambassadors, these award-winning chefs assist Bord Bia in driving the premium image of Irish beef along with other Irish food and beverages across key markets.

As part of a two day tailored itinerary taking in Waterford and Tipperary, the group visited Eddie Keane’s beef farm in Youghal,  Harty’s Oysters in Dungarvan and toured ABP’s slaughtering and deboning facility in Cahir.  They also saw at first hand the practical benefits of Bord Bia`s Quality Assurance Schemes and Bord Bia’s Origin Green sustainability programme.

Arno Sgier, who owns the Michelin starred Restaurant Traube in Trimbach summed up the Swiss chefs’ view of Irish beef, saying “the fact that the animals are grass fed and the production is sustainable, has a positive effect on quality and taste and above all, consistency“.

The other chefs making up the “Magnificent Seven” were, Thierry Marcel Fischer (Schlosshotel, Binningen),  Markus Gass (Adler *, Hurden), Dominique Lambelet (Paste Ines), Urs Keller (Kongresshaus, Zürich), Heinz Rufibach (Cuisinier, Zermatt) and Tobias Funke (Zur Fernsicht, Heiden).

Bord Bia’s Nicolas Ranninger who accompanied the group said that Switzerland is a small and complex market with specific requirements and legislation for imported food. Ireland exported approximately 2,000 tonnes of beef in 2014.

He added; “Ireland enjoys an excellent reputation for the quality of its meat, with exports worth over €26 million in 2014.

“Initiatives such as the Chefs’ Irish Beef Club allow renowned chefs meet the Irish producers and understand what differentiates our products and is essential to maintaining and growing our reputation in this lucrative market”.

New agri-food strategy aims to create 23,000 jobs by 2025

A new 10-year strategy aimed at the agri-food sector has been launched by the Department of Agriculture.

Food Wise 2025 aims to increase exports in Ireland by 85% to €19bn and create 23,000 jobs.

Crafted over the past eight months by a selection of leading figures, the new initiative predicts that Ireland can increase its value in the agri-food, fisheries and wood products sector by 70% to in excess of €13 billion.

With a focus on sustainable growth, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney said that Food Wise 2025 “sets out a vision for the industry to continue along this path of sustainable growth and recognises the strategic importance of specific market and consumer insights if emerging global opportunities are to be fully realised in the decade ahead”.

He concluded by saying “I am committed to putting in place a robust implementation process to monitor progress and deliver on the ambitious projections in the report”.

With over 350 recommendations, the initiative states that to achieve this, it will require a concerted and coordinated approach by primary producers, industry, Departments and State agencies.

Though there was a buzz online about the strategy, it was also noted that seemed to be a lack of balance on the committee with only 8 of the 35 people involved being women:

In tandem with publication of the report, the draft Environmental Analysis of Food Wise 2025 is now available online for an eight week public consultation until August 28th.

It is expected that Final Report of the Environmental Analysis will be presented to the Minister this September.


(Lead image via Local Roots Global Reach video from Food Wise)

Locally-sourced market-style food to be served up in Dublin Airport’s Terminal 1

A new market-style project is underway at Dublin’s Terminal 1 bringing over 80 new jobs to the airport.

The food and beverage dining area is currently under construction and will be accessible after the security screening, reports the Irish Independent.

The “Marquette” is expected to open in August of this year catering to 260 people and will be serving locally-sourced produce.

According to Dublin Airport’s food and beverage manager Brendan Dee, the Marquette will have an “earthly, rustic setting” with service operating from 5am to the last flight time.

(Image via Dublin Airport on Facebook)

The new dining area is part of the ongoing €8 million redevelopment of retail inside T1.

The project has now moved onto its recruitment phase and is currently looking for staff including chefs, kitchen porters, restaurant and bar staff.

Recruitment open days will be held in the Maldron Hotel, Dublin Airport from 12pm to 8pm Thursday, 25th June. Email hr@marqette.com for more details

(Lead image via Wikimedia Commons/Marek Ślusarczyk)

Truly Irish Creamery Butter secures listing in 60 Tesco stores nationwide

Good news for one Irish company: Truly Irish Country Foods has secured a listing in 60 Tesco stores for its creamery butter.

According to the Farmers Journal, the business currently supports over 8,000 jobs and expanded into butter making in 2014.

The company was setup in 2008 by pig producers across Ireland and already supplies Tesco with a range of pork products.

“The launch of our Truly Irish Butter product was a natural progression for the company as some of our farmer shareholders are also dairy and beef producers”, Mike McAuliffe CEO of Truly Irish said.

The Truly Irish Creamery Butter is a natural product produced by traditional churning and free from artificial colourings, flavourings, additives and hydrogenated fats.

McAuliffe added;We hope to expand our range over time while standing by our motto to ‘absolutely refuse to compromise quality for profit’”

(Lead image via Truly Irish Country Foods on Facebook)

Glasses at the ready – Dublin Gin and Tonic Festival is coming soon!

Ireland’s online food and drink magazine TheTaste.ie have teamed up with Great Irish Beverages to host a very special festival.

Kicking off on June 22nd – June 27th, Dublin Gin & Tonic Fest 2015 will only feature Irish gin brands, across 30 venues.

Not only that but each venue will be working with one of three Irish premium gins.

Anyone with a Dublin Gin Fest wristband will get a 30% discount on a specific gin and tonic at each venue. The wristband costs €5 and are on sale on site here.

Great Irish Beverages are the same good folks who brought us the very successful Dublin Wine Fest and Dublin Whiskey Fest.

Throughout the festival the public will be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite gin and tonic by using the hashtag #DublinGandT or by posting on the Great Irish Beverages Facebook page.

Sounds like the perfect night out to me!

VIDEO: Be part of it – learn about GIY’s exciting new Grow headquarters

For me, there’s something incredibly satisfying about plunging your hands into the soil and creating a space to grow your own. From farm to table, there are so many people out there that get a kick out of seeing something grow up from the ground.

Global movement Grow it Yourself aka GIY, is planning to head up a HQ in Waterford; where an all-new hub for planting, growing and learning will be, as well as a place to learn how to cook with the freshest of ingredients.

They’re currently looking for support on Fundit, and if there’s anything I’d recommend getting behind, it’s this.

For those who are not too familiar with the concept, GIY is a movement that aims to encourage people across the globe to make the most out of the land around them – to take to the earth and grow.

“When people grow their own, they gain a deeper understanding of food called ‘food empathy’ which acts as a lever to a healthier lifestyle”, they note and I’d tend to agree – there’s something rich about plucking fresh food from your own plot.

Currently, there are 50,000 people involved in this initiative online and in the community.

Below, founder Michael Kelly talks about the exciting new plans for the new GROW HQ.

Learn more about the GIY global movement on their website here.

(Image via GIY International on Facebook)