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Recipe: Cardamom Hot Chocolate

This afternoon and like most weekends, it got to that time of day where I was staring at my cupboard and wondering what I could come up with, with random ingredients.

Eureka, there was cardamom!

Since attending Ballymaloe Cookery School, I’ve had a mild obsession with this nifty spice, and so it only was natural that I would team it with something else I loved: decent, luxurious, chocolate!

I’m pretty sure we all have a favourite cup for tea or hot chocolate, so when I say one cup of milk here, I mean as much as you can fit in your average cuppa.

Let me know if you give this a go – I really enjoyed tasting it!


2 tbp of quality chocolate like Valrhona or Callebaut*
1 tsp cardamom seeds
1 tsp vanilla sugar OR 1/2 tsp of vanilla
1 cup of milk


  1. Tip all of your ingredients  into a small pot and place under a medium-low heat – this is pretty important because you don’t want any of your milk to burn. If you bring your milk to a boil it will form a skin.
  2. Keep whisking throughout the entire process and make sure that all of the chocolate melts and incorporates itself into the milk. Stir until smooth.
  3. Remove from the heat and sieve the drink into your cup to remove the cardamom seeds.
  4. Drink away!

*If you only have powdered chocolate, just use two heaped spoonfuls of that. Use chocolate that you can afford!

Tips for tasting chocolate on July 7th’s World Chocolate Day

One for the chocoholics of Ireland – July 7th officially marks the day where you can happily gorge yourself on chocolate guilt free, because it’s World Chocolate Day!

Skelligs Chocolate

So whether you love favour white, milk or dark chocolate or prefer the traditional chocolate bar over a rich gooey chocolate brownie – Skelligs chocolate has you covered (being from Kerry – I can confirm that it does taste delicious).

Below, Skelligs Chocolate share their top tips for tasting chocolate:

  • Make sure you’re somewhere you won’t get distracted
  • Store your chocolate in a cool, dry place, never in the fridge and serve at room temperature.
  • Begin with the chocolate with the lowest percentage of cocoa and work your way up.
  • Clear your palate between each piece of chocolate egg with water and lime – make sure nothing gets in the way of tasting your chocolate!
  • Break (don’t cut) your piece off. The ‘snap’ indicates the quality of your chocolate. The cleaner the better!
  • Bite a piece off the chunk. You’re allowed a few chews (to release the flavours), but don’t swallow!
  • Place at top of tongue as here lie most of the taste buds.
  • Let the chocolate melt a little then push the piece to the roof of your mouth and rub your tongue along it.
  • How does the chocolate feel? A great chocolate should be silky with a smooth, cool dissolve.
  • Savour each aroma. You should taste them in the following order – Cocoa with a hint of caramel, nuts, coffee and fruit.
  • As the chocolate leaves your mouth, it should leave you with a pleasant finish. The finish shows the true flavour of the chocolate as others aromas may have been masking it beforehand. Does it leave you wanting more or does it make you want to wash it away with water?
  • Finally, and most importantly ENJOY.

(Image via Wikimedia Commons/David Leggett and Skelligs)