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Ballymaloe From the Editor

Ballymaloe Day 19: “You’re better off putting it on your face”

Rory smashed the dish onto the demo floor and it shattered with a crash. The Friday feeling was buzzing around the kitchens today, and looking to give ourselves a final push before the weekend we charged forward with the day’s cooking. Students arrive in the kitchens between 8 – 8.30am and I got in early …

Ballymaloe From the Editor

Ballymaloe Day 17: “The most expensive thing in a café is an empty chair”

The gentle buzzing of my alarm clock woke me up this morning and I slid out of bed like a slinky. Feeling much better than I had the night before but still slightly under the weather, I was glad that we were working on theory today instead of slogging it out in the kitchen. Food …

Ballymaloe From the Editor

Ballymaloe Day 16: “Have some supper darling, before I stab you…”

The smell of freshly cooked fish wafted towards me and once again I was delighted that I had managed to nab myself a front row seat. Our morning’s cooking went well, and Daniel and I did our best to keep on time. Sally is our teacher this week, and like all the Ballymaloe teachers, she …