Peeta’s Wedding Cake in District 13

Josh Hutcherson stars as 'Peeta Mellark' in THE HUNGER GAMES.

Contains spoilers for The Hunger Games, Mockingjay

Introduced in the final instalment of the hugely successful Hunger Games trilogy, this wedding cake is a creation of one of the main protagonists, Peeta Mellark.

The author, Suzanne Collins writes; “Four people wheel out a huge wedding cake from a side room.

“Most of the guests back up, making way for this rarity, this dazzling creation with blue-green, white-tipped icing waves swimming with fish and sailboats, seals and sea flowers”.

He bakes the cake for Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta’s wedding in District 13, which works as therapy for him after being severely interrogated and tortured by the Capitol.

Katniss knows instantly that the cake was baked by Peeta.

We’re not exactly sure what the cake will look like in the movie version of the book but I’m excited to see what they’ll do given its significance in the story.

(Lead image via FanPop)

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