Food & Drink Producer Series From the Editor

Part 20: Irish Food and Drink Producers Worth Getting to Know

What we create here in Ireland is something that’s worth celebrating.

We have world class meat and dairy, and with talented producers on our doorsteps it’s no wonder that we’re admired from abroad.

Here are five more producers that stood out for me this week:

West Cork Pies

Fan of the rebel county? West Cork Pies are handmade from local ingredients, prime cuts of meat and are prepared freshly each week.


According to its creators, “what you’ll get from me are good quality, very tasty, products full of substantial ingredients not just cheap gravy and the odd lump of something indistinguishable. All the eggs I use are free-range and everything I make is made from the raw ingredients. I do not buy in anything ready made, that way I know, and you can trust, exactly what has gone into my products”


Green Beards

Based in Dublin, Green Beards specialise in producing cold-pressed juices and freshly made smoothies to satisfy thirsty customers.


Using fresh, raw and organic ingredients, these cleansing juices will have you walking around with a spring in your step.


Armelle’s Kitchen

Tartlets, sweet treats and wonderful French macarons, Armelle’s Kitchen is worth checking out. (See lead image!)

Based in Kildare, they’re experts in homemade cakes and goodies.


Connemara Smokehouse

With a pride in smoking fish, Connemara Smokehouse is renowned for producing some of the best seafood products in Ireland.


From smoked kippers, tuna, mackerel and eel, all of their fish is locally sourced with all of their salmon products available in Wild, Organic or Farmed.



Gluten-free and wheat-free, Gookies is an Irish company that specialises in cookie dough.

Milk chocolate, triple chocolate? Sounds like treats that would satisfy any sweet tooth.


(All images sourced from company Facebook pages)


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