Food & Drink Producer Series

Part 19: Irish Food and Drink Producers Worth Getting to Know

I’m constantly impressed by the wide range of goods that we produce here in Ireland.

This series focuses in on some of the best of what we have to offer in the country, and I honestly believe that we have products that are worth celebrating.

Here are five more companies that caught my eye this week:

The Whole Hoggs

Based in Meath, The Whole Hoggs run a free-range pig farm where they keep an old Irish breed called The Irish Grazer.They make their own sausages, rashers, puddings and chorizo.


“Our pigs have a much longer and happier life than the commercially reared ones. We are reasonable in price but do not try to compete with the bottom end of the market as we believe the pleasure in buying cheap meat is soon forgotten in the bitterness of poor taste”.


The Tipperary Kitchen

Using locally sourced ingredients, this Tipperary Kitchen produces some wonderful breads, confections and sauces.


Winners at Blas na hÉireann food awards, they’re famous for their Holycross Chocolate Biscuit Cake, Holycross Soda Bread, Butterscotch Sauce, Chocolate Sauce and Real Banana Bread.



Dedicated to creating healthy, dairy free food, they are the world’s first ice cream alternative that’s made from avocado, coconut milk, and sweetened with pure honey.


100% Irish and made in small delicious batches – What’s not to love?


Wicklow Wolf Brewery

Named after the county its based in and that folklore says that the last wolf in Ireland lived in the area, Wicklow Wolf Brewery is proud in its roots.


The hops that they plant on their own hop farm takes the beer’s name – Humulus Lupulus – from the wild wolf.



Celebrating wholefoods, Dee’s creates tasty, vegan food that is good for both your body and mind.


Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, egg-free and free of all artificial additives, they create a range of sausages, wholefood burgers and”Veg Pots” to keep you feeling full of natural energy.


(All images via company Facebook pages)

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