From the Editor

Nerves, stress and excitement: preparing for Ballymaloe Cookery School

There are just 28 days to go until I embark on a life-changing new adventure…

This year I left my full-time job as a staff writer with to pursue a passion that had been bubbling in me for the past few years.

Ballymaloe Cookery School, a three-month intensive course that would hopefully propel myself properly into the food world and give my life more purpose.

This was a dream that I had been holding off because of money restraints, sorting out my personal life and the genuine worry that I wouldn’t be able to make a career out of food (still a worry I might add!).

I’d be lying if I said it was an easy decision. The course is incredibly expensive and I had to take out a significant loan to attend and aside from the course itself I had to fork out more funds for a brand new set of knives, get them engraved, and buy two pairs of chef whites, pants and shoes.

I had to say goodbye to my colleagues who I had worked with for a year and had to move out of my Dublin apartment – an amazing home – where I had been living my other half for two years (he’s been so supportive of my decision and his parents have been so generous in helping me get off my feet).


But, that being said – I’m glad. As I’m writing this, it’s my first time living back home in Kerry since about 2009. It’s home and in my heart I know if I didn’t take the leap this year I would’ve been very down.

My mom has also made preparing for Ballymaloe that bit easier too from helping me move out, being an emotional support, to fueling my passion for organic food and eating well.

And what can I say about my friends? Well – you know who you are, and I can’t say enough about how much I love you all.

This is a journey that I’m going to savour, and while I’m absolutely terrified, I’m hoping it will all work out in the end… I hope.


I’m going to try and do a week-to-week blog while I’m training there, documenting ups and downs and maybe I’ll find out what I can really do. Hope you tune in.