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Burger bites! The latest offer from Aldi

If the weather picks up again looks like these burgers could be on the menu.

Supplied by ABP Ireland, Aldi’s Specially Selected Irish Angus Mini Beef Burgers are made from the finest Bord Bia Quality Assured 100% Irish Angus beef.


Costing €3.49 / 400g, they’re perfect for if you don’t have the time to rustle up your own.

Team them up with Aldi’s Ballymore Crust Mini Burger Buns (59c per pack of 8).

The burgers and buns are available from Aldi’s 108 stores nationwide.

“Quacking” good duck: The latest in store at Aldi

Fancy an alternative to chicken? Why not try some duck.

Aldi have Silver Hill Aromatic Duck Breast Fillets (€5.00 / 350g), now available across their 108 stores nationwide.

Fresh from the Steele family farm in Emyvale, Co. Monaghan, these award-winning duck breast fillets are 100% Irish and fully traceable from farm to fork.

The ducks at Silver Hill are hand-reared and fed on a natural diet, without any additives, resulting in meat that is succulent, tender and full of flavour.

The boneless fillets are also quick to cook and particularly suited to fruit or piquant glazes, so you can cook up a simple duck dish in minutes – roasted, sautéed, braised or barbecued, the choice is yours.

Silver Hill Duck Breast Fillets

Gluten and wheat free range now available at Aldi

Aldi have announced a HAS NO… range that includes foods such as cakes, cereals, breads, biscuits and pasta for coeliacs.

Specially developed for those with a gluten or wheat intolerance, the range consists of everyday essential groceries and delicious sweet treats.

The new range at Aldi includes HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Cornflakes (€1.99 / 350g) and HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Fusilli (€1.49 / 500g) which is 100% corn pasta shaped and suited to rich meat or ricotta based sauces.

Also included in Aldi’s new range are the HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Wholegrain Rolls (€1.99 / 3 pack) and Aldi’s HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free White Baps (€1.99 / 3 pack), perfect for picnics, packed lunches or summer barbecues.

Aldi’s HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Loaf (€1.99 / 400g) is soft, fresh and available in either a white loaf or multi-grain loaf which is perfect for a lunchtime sandwich.

As well as that for those with a sweet tooth, HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Muffins (€1.99 / 2 pack) are available in citrusy lemon or delicious chocolate and make a tempting treat and HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Queen Cakes (€1.99 / 165g), which contain a mixture of plain and chocolate flavour topped cakes.

Why not enjoy a slice of Aldi’s HAS NO…Gluten & Wheat Free Madeira Cake (€2.49 / 320g) with a cup of tea?

You can also choose from variety of biscuits from Aldi including:

  • HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Milk Chocolate Digestives (€1.49 / 200g)
  • HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Digestives (€1.49 / 170g)
  • HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Ginger Cookies (€1.49 / 150g)
  • HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Jammy Rings (€1.49 / 200g)
  • HAS NO… Gluten & Wheat Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (€1.49 / 150g)