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Ballymaloe From the Editor

Ballymaloe Day 30: “It’s very good for the soul”

I shimmied the saw back and forth, feeling the carcass rocking against the blade. Just another regular day in Ballymaloe! Irish breakfasts were on the menu today and as a special treat we all got to cook our own breakfasts – I’m also now an expert in segmenting oranges. (My friend, Liselotte, juicing oranges!) (Annette …

Ballymaloe From the Editor

Ballymaloe Day 25: “You could knock out the whole of Munster with that!”

I’ve a confession to make. I absolutely hate spicy food. It sizzles my tongue and burns my insides and I can never make head nor tail of what I’ve been tasting. You’d think given my Vietnamese heritage, and being in close proximately to Thailand, that I’d have some sort of tolerance to the heat but …