Opening an eye slowly to take in the early morning rays, I completely forgot that I wasn’t at home in Kerry.

Last night we had a communal feast where people made dishes and brought them along to the courtyard. Along with generous glasses of wine and beer, the partying went on well into the night – apparently people were playing ping-pong at 2.30am!

(Two of my housemates, Julia (L) and Maddie (R) who cooked a really cool porter chocolate cake)

After pulling myself out of bed and writing down my order of work, I sauntered around the gardens in sunshine that can only be described as gloriously Irish.

(One of our herb gardens)

Though not roasting, the beams of light flowing through Ballymaloe gardens were perfect at picking up little details. like the tortoise shell butterflies floating through leaves and the chickens rustling in the bushes.


(The resident cat and one of the chickens, enjoying an organic feast)



Lazing on a Sunday afternoon, the main thing on my agenda today is the All-Ireland match at 3.30pm and donning my Kerry jersey I shall be! (I’m currently eating Toonsbridge Buffalo Feta straight out of the dish with a knife and it’s pretty super).

Tomorrow we’re back up and running in the kitchens where I’ll be cooking strawberry popsicles, tomato and coconut soup, petit fours and cheese biscuits. Here’s to another good week!

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