Ballymaloe Day 56: Sunday morning, no rain pouring

A bright and sunny day, the brisk air whipped my face as I brought the recycling out of the Coach House.

I spied two feral cats sauntering through the bushes, and my wellies crunched through some of the last of the autumn leaves.

Cleaning up the house with Sophie, we tucked into an early breakfast then whizzed off to Midleton to buy some supplies.

Without knowing it, I managed to get the most monotone basket of goods with various shades of green taking over the checkout.

Questionable coulis mix

In a bid to be more creative at the weekends, I decided to make a panna cotta with a different feel. I previously made one with a raspberry coulis but I thought I’d jazz it up a bit with ginger and lime (a la the classic Jameson combo).

Panna Cotta practice

After I write up my order of work and do a bit of filing, it’s down for some quality time with my sheets of notes. So another straightforward weekend where nothing crazy happening but time is trickling by.

Tomorrow is the start of week nine and it’s going to be a busy morning where I have a long list of random things to do… Wish me luck?

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