Day 54: The end of week eight

We have only 13 cooking days left until the end of this course – bizarre.

Exhaustion is one way of describing how I’m feeling at the moment, amused tiredness is possibly another way of describing it….

I woke up this morning and went into the kitchen with a mountain on my to-do list.

Today we were flat out in the kitchen and with a list of four things with various elements on my sheet that I had to get done, I was like a Duracell bunny rushing around the place.

(More purple than this, but here’s my plum and apple chutney jarred up!)

With time flashing in my face and a strange mish-mash of dishes appearing in front of me, I became increasingly more amused at what I was coming up with (by the way making cheese soufflés is quite fun).

As well as being the end of a long week eight, I have to give a special shoutout to my teacher Grace who was such a delight to work with all this week.

Mammy Kavanagh and my godmother were here for lunch and it was great to have them around to experience a bit of Ballymaloe! They were so impressed with the staff here and loved every bite of food.

The charismatic Darina took us for demo today and went through some amazing dishes, including a carpaccio of sea bream, poached wild salmon and a flaky apple pie. Inspiration for the final exam for sure!

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