Ballymaloe Day 49: You stay classy, Ireland

The sun fell through the curtains and hit the side of my face. It was time to get up.

Feeling refreshed and almost back to being 100% – I arose and ate breakfast.

Last night I had a wonderfully long Skype session with my other half while people were out partying, and it was pretty lovely to have time to myself.

Myself, Maddie and Sophie planned to head for a walk today and in typical Irish fashion, it rained, poured and became cheerful and sunny within minutes of each other. You stay classy, Ireland!

Still yet to do on my Sunday agenda is studying which I’ve been actively avoiding this weekend.

Though at the moment I’m not trying to panic myself about exams, realistically there’s actually quite a lot of material that I need to learn and refresh my mind about.

I’m currently making spring rolls and hoping that they’ll turn out ok.

Until tomorrow – au revoir!

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