After a turbulent sleep – I woke up feeling more shattered than I had in weeks.

Yesterday I had been battling with sickness and though I had been taking regular medication and attempting to take it easy, it didn’t seem to plan on leaving any time soon.

In a bid to get some fresh air into the system, a group of us headed out to Midleton Market to pick up some supplies.

Wrapped in winter warmers, we plodded through the rain. As a special treat, I picked up more Toonsbridge Haloumi which is unbelievably good fried.

Full of envy at Maddie’s genius idea to wear wellies – I trudged back along the Main Street to Sage Restaurant – which by the way I would definitely recommend heading to for a quick lunch.

Following our fill, we popped into Tesco’s to gather ingredients for our next culinary endeavour (sushi’s on the menu tonight).

My stomach began to act up again and with cramps moving across my belly, I was happy to head in the direction of Buttermaloe.

Sad to be missing tonight’s Halloween shenanigans at the Blackbird but happy to be back with my hot water bottle, I’m looking forward to sipping herbal tea and lounging in bed.

Until tomorrow!

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