Ballymaloe From the Editor

Ballymaloe Day 47: “You’re highly contagious”

I’m afraid this blogpost will be short a sweet.

I woke up this morning with awful cramps in my stomach, that fed through my body, into my chest and legs.

With other bodily symptoms niggling at me, I brushed it off as a slight head cold and started the day looking forward to making panna cotta for the first time!

After a while, and realising that sometimes you can’t risk waiting it out, I headed to the office and asked if I could see a doctor.

“You’re highly contagious”, I was informed, “and you probably should try and stay from civilisation for a while”. Oh well…

Armed with the meds, a hot water bottle and copious amounts of water, I’m currently tucked up in bed, where I’ll probably remain until I recover (unless it’s a 28 Days Later situation and then I’m afraid that civilisation is about to collapse!)

So unfortunately, there are no photographs or things I learned section in today’s post (except for the value of warm pyjamas).

Fingers crossed that I’ll be up and running again as soon as possible…