Ballymaloe Day 43: The joys of adulthood

The smell of sausages and bacon took over the kitchen and spread into the dining area

It was my final day catering for the folks in Knockadoon Camp and as a farewell feast, I was rustling up a fry!

Along with my trusty sous-chef Pádhraic and the help of Orlaith, we managed to get everything out and served to the tired but happy troops.

Though I don’t think I’ll ever truly know the real “Knockadoon Feeling” that all the campers experience in camp, I definitely can appreciate the kindness and the sense of belonging they find there!

After a teary goodbye and crying out half of my body weight on my other half’s shoulder, I headed back through the winding roads to Ballymaloe.

Being the proper adult that I am, I hopped straight into bed for a nap to kickstart the energy supplies (true adults love naps by the way)

Tomorrow I’m back in the kit- oh wait – tomorrow, I’m back cooking in Ballymaloe where I’ll be rustling up an apple fudge cake, a banana and yoghurt raita and sweet turnip soup.

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