Waking up after a bad dream is never easy, and starting off with a feeling of gloom is not a good start!

Perhaps reflected in the weather, I woke up today in slightly low spirits.

Still in Knockadoon, and slightly confused by the clocks going back, I hauled myself out of bed and forced myself out for some fresh air.

If you haven’t ever been around the Knockadoon area, you’re missing out. Though still murky and misty, it’s such a release to breath in sea air and stare across the horizon.

Feeling restored and with the campers slowly waking up around me, I headed into the kitchen for some prep work.

Serving lunch and a three course dinner, I was pretty psyched about making the most of what I had learned so far in Ballymaloe.

As the main course today I was on a mission to cook a curry from scratch and I chopped onions and peppers like there was no tomorrow.

Left to my own devices, I sorted out my own system for the mise en place and was ready for the queues of hungry diners ahead!

With help from my sous chef and other half, Pádhraic (see above!), as well as Dearbhail, Orlaith and Seán – we managed to pull off a meal that I was proud of – especially curry as it’s definitely not something I’d usually cook and despite nearly incinerating all of the garlic bread!)

By the way, I can’t explain to you how hard the leaders work here at Knockadoon and listening to the speeches at the end of the meal was both inspiring and very touching.

Though I was never officially part of the Youth Club in Dundalk or Knockadoon I’m still very grateful at how many of them I can call friends.

Tomorrow I’m rustling up a fry as a farewell meal and then I’m back in Ballymaloe for Week 7!

Until tomorrow – slán!

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