Ballymaloe Day 41: Knocking around Knockadoon

Following the highs of getting through exams, I was excited to spend the bank holiday away from campus and somewhere less intense!

And so here I am in Knockadoon camp, cooking and helping feed nearly 60 people – I must have caught kitchen fever.

Situated near Ballymacoda in Cork, Knockadoon Camp hosts weeks of fun for young people during the summer. My other half has been part of the camp for many years and so this weekend the leaders were having a reunion!

(Knockadooners: Seán, Smiley and Liam in the kitchen)

As a way of making myself useful, I’m here running the kitchen with a team to feed all the hungry campers after their busy schedules and so far it’s been quite the experience.

It’s no restaurant by any standards but it’s definitely a lot of fun trying to co-ordinate times and prepare your mise en place outside the Ballymaloe Bubble.

So far, I’ve managed to get stung by a wasp on my thumb and made a few soggy waffles (sorry!) but it’s been great to have been given an opportunity like this to help out – I added tomato and coriander salsa, homemade mayonnaise and ketchup to their meals today as well as guacamole and they seemed to enjoy it!

(Himself and myself)

It’s bizarre really because even though I’ve only been away a day, it feels like I’ve already finished the course.

It’s definitely going to be odd heading back in on Tuesday!

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