Oh sweet Cicely! I lovage the herbs but I feel like a butterhead beCos I can’t remember them. Lettuce not get too distracted though – we need to dill with it. It doesn’t take a sage to mustard up a recipe list but ain’t nobody got thyme for that!

I’d love to tell you that I had the most riveting Sunday but the pun-filled paragraph above is exactly how my day has been going.

This morning after a glorious nine hours of sleep and a dream where I slapped someone comically with a fish, I woke up to a pile of paper that needed to be sifted through.

After an hour of expertly putting paper in folders (I am the sorting queen), I sat down and got my order of work out of the way.

With cabin fever on my mind and studying on the timetable, I pulled on my wellies and headed into the garden for a more practical approach.

photo 1(20)

Chewing on fennel, sorrel, oregano and sweet cicely, if someone spotted me in the gardens they may think that I know my stuff but I can safely say that I was just a bit hungry.

photo 4(14)
(A shaggy ink cap mushroom)

Next weekend there may or may not be blog posts as it’s the Bank Holiday Weekend and I finally get to see my other half (Plus I may be a bit sad after the exams!)

photo 2(21)
photo 1(21)

But in a bid to fuel your blog intake, I’ll probably backtrack the posts when I’m back in Ballymaloe on the Monday – I couldn’t leave you guys out of the loop, could I??

Tomorrow I’m cooking a caramelized apple tart and homemade noodles. Hard to believe that this is the halfway point in the course.

Now… back to the books.

Next: Ballymaloe Day 36

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