Ignoring the sun that was filtering down on my face, I turned over on my side and the sleep crept over me for another hour.

Weekends in Ballymaloe are very quiet. The majority of people either have gone home or have visiting relatives so campus can be quite deserted but pretty calm.

With no need to set alarms or worry too much about the week ahead, it’s nice to get a complete break from zipping around the kitchens.

Taking a break from slouching on the couch, Sophie and I hopped into the car to Ardlahinch/Shanagarry Strand and strolled along the beach.

photo 4(4)
photo 2(5)

A glorious day with sparkling sunshine, we splish, splashed and sploshed through the many rock pools dotted along the beach, coming across all sorts of surprises including a sea urchin and a mini-hermit crab.

photo 2(6)
photo 1(6)

Sharing some of my foraging knowledge, we spied all sorts of seaweed on shore and wandered over to people who were gathering black periwinkles.

photo 4(5)

I absolutely love foraging and it’s something that my mom and I tend to do a fair lot when I’m home in Kerry. I’m constantly astonished at the produce that’s right on my doorstep.

photo 1(4)

After a successful day out exploring, we whizzed over to the Blackbird for a drink and then across to the Schooner for a bite to eat with Maddie and Julia (also fellow Ballymaloers!).

Tomorrow we’re officially heading into week five. Less than two weeks to go until our first exams!

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  1. Hi Una — Just wanted to leave a note to say I’m loving your blog. I will be headed to Ballymaloe (from Canada) in January, and am counting down the days!

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