200 Word Review: Sage Restaurant in Westport

Travelling up the Wild Atlantic Way, Mom and I wanted to explore more of the food our country had to offer.

And so we headed to Sage in Westport, a recommendation we got on Twitter!

I began with a glass noodle salad with seafood (including smoked eel) and with a fun crunch and soft fish, I was in heaven. We were off to a good start.


For mains, Mom selected grilled turbot, lobster and brown prawn butter, and I chose to have a surf and turf (pork belly and scallops). We were utterly “wowed”. A dazzling array of flavours, we marvelled at how the restaurant got it all so right.




Dessert was Mille Fueille with pistachio and chocolate and I chose a baklava with orange. Quite simply a joy.



Every bite was a treat, every bite was a different experience. We couldn’t get over how tasty the food was and how creative too.

Completing the meal, we were given apple schnapps with petit fours. A delightful end to an astonishingly great meal and welcoming staff bursting with energy.

The total came to €95.50 but it was undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, meal that I’ve had in 2016.

Come again? YES.
Rating: 5/5
Website: http://www.sagewestport.ie/

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