200 Words: Poffs in Kenmare

On recommendation from Kenmare Foodies, myself, my partner and my Mom headed to Poffs in Kenmare for a spot of lunch.

Heading into an already full café, we plonked ourselves down on the nearest table and promptly ordered two club sandwiches and a Cajun chicken wrap.

Despite the wait (which is understandable and forgivable given the busy lunch hour), I think I can safely say that it was the best club sandwich that I had in a long time.

Not only that but when you talk about value for money then this is it. Though I wasn’t completely taken by the accompanying chips which were just alright, the sandwich itself was glorious.

The bread: warm and crumbly. The bacon: crisp and succulent. The fried egg between the bread slices: a gooey and golden surprise.

You could tell that Helen Poffs café took time out to source the best, local ingredients and it definitely deserved its recent award from the Restaurants Association of Ireland.

This café’s menu screams “value”. Normally I wouldn’t get this excited about a club sandwich but it was just beautiful.

We were looking forward to something to brighten up our day and Poffs did just that.

Come again? Most definitely.
Rating: 4/5
Website: http://poffkenmare.wix.com/poffskenmare

(Note: I don’t have a photo of the sandwich because I wolfed it down with a lot of love!)


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