200 Words: Café Cucina on Parnell Street

You know when you have a craving for something and you can’t get it out of your head?

That’s what happened to me when I ordered fruti di mare at Café Cucina but as the dish came toward me, I instantly felt like I had made a big mistake.

Clumped onto the plate was tagliatelle, sauce and seafood that was just lacking in anything inspirational. The sauce was stodgy and lumpy with no creaminess or flavour, the mussels had grit and the prawns were overdone. It was just all so bland.

Even my partner, who normally can be satisfied pretty easily with a dish said that he didn’t enjoy it at all (the house wine, he also didn’t finish).

Not once were we asked if the meal was ok by the waitress, and the chef kept coming out of the kitchen and just stood there staring around the restaurant (bizarre and off putting to say the least).

I ate the food because I was hungry, but not because I enjoyed it. There was a real lack of any creativity to be seen.

It’s disappointing for a place that displays it’s “certificate of excellence” from Trip Advisor with pride. Very disappointing.

Come again? No way. Waste of money and total waste of ingredients.
Rating: 1/5
Website: http://www.cucinarestaurantdublin.com/#_=_


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