200 Word Review: ETTO on Merrion Row

Etto. A restaurant that I had heard many whispers about, but never had the chance to visit.

Sitting at the bar, myself and my partner glanced over the menu and gave each other a knowing glance – this looked very promising.

It was the first time that both of us weren’t seated at a table, but that didn’t matter, we still felt right at home.

With veal and pork meatballs and venison tartare as our choice for starters, it felt like we were ordering honest and simple food.


Pork Meatballs

The fresh tartare along with bursting berries was heavenly. Each bite was magical.

For our mains, and in the mood for something light, I ordered grilled cod, chorizo and cockles while my partner settled on roast mallard, chicory, parsnip and pomegranate.



With a flick of my fork, I swished the sauce over the cod. Light and flavoursome, the simplicity of the meal was quite something.

My fingers crossed for the perfect meal; we looked to dessert.

Bloog orange posset

To conclude this symphony of food, a blood orange posset was placed before me and it completely cleansed my palate.

The staff were so welcoming and the food outstanding. It really was a triumph in a meal.

Come again? The Tasting Menu is calling me!
Rating: 5/5
Website: http://www.etto.ie/

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