Question of the Week: Do you think there is a difference between junk food and fast food?

Is pizza junk or fast food? Is convenient food, junk food?

To me the main difference between junk and fast food is that junk food tends to offer little nutritional value, whereas fast food though it also takes little time to prepare but may not necessarily be “bad” really.

These days however, fast food is definitely something most people will associate with McDonalds, to show the service they offer compared to a restaurant where meals take longer to prepare.

Junk food often refers to the food itself and its value rather than the model of production – it’s typically quite processed.

It also depends on your own definition of “fast food”, to some whizzing up a salad, stirfry or sandwich may be deemed as fast food but too often than not the words suggest “takeaway”.

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(Image via Wikimedia Commons/Ehsanislav)


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