200 Words: Bunsen on Wexford Street

I’ve been putting off Bunsen for years. Perhaps it was the hype that put me off – could they really produce the best burgers in Dublin?

With a menu with no frills (actually the size of a business card), I was salivating at the thought of chomping down on some decent grub.

Feeling a bit on the naughty side but decidedly very hungry, I decided to get the double cheeseburger with sweet potato fries.

It’s a rare thing but I was delighted to be given the option to have my burger cooked medium-rare, which immediately told me that the meat must be of high quality.

When my burger and chips were brought to me, I actually marvelled at what lay before my eyes. A juicy, delectable, beast of a burger, the meat fell away in my mouth in a beautiful fashion. Though a tad on the greasy side, I forgave it because of the supreme flavour that coated my mouth. Oh my word.

And the accompaniment? The chips had a delightful sweetness and crispy crunch that made me wanting more and more.

My conclusion: I’ve been a fool. Until they find a worthy opponent, they’re now the top of my list.

Come again? Is it wrong to go once a week?
Rating: 4.5/5
Website: http://www.bunsen.ie/


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