Kitchen Diaries: The joys of a cold shower

The heat from rushing around the kitchen takes over your entire body and you feel like a mobile sweat machine – cold showers are a godsend.

Another fast-paced week in the kitchen, I was glad to see that I was getting more into the swing of things and seeing my confidence grow.

I’m a natural introvert and sometimes anything that involves prolonged human interaction terrifies me, but getting to know the staff and children at a steady pace is reassuring.

Though I’ve made a few mistakes over the past few days, I’ve been very grateful that my colleagues have been so understanding. All finger and toes are accounted for. 

I’m getting a real feel of how catering works and it’s actually pretty exciting.

Apart from serving up to hundreds of children, I’ve also managed to keep on top of my HAACP training (more on that some other time).

I also managed to peel close to 100kg worth of potatoes! 

Here’s to another week.

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