Question of the Week: Communal Bench Dining – Yay or Nay?

For those looking for a more casual experience eating out, it’s getting more common to see communal benches cropping up, where diners share the experience with strangers.

When I was travelling in Asia, it was quite common to see clusters of people to be huddled at one table but it wasn’t the norm in Ireland.

My first experience of dining like this in Ireland was in Wagamamas, where I remember really enjoying the communal aspect of dining because of the buzz surrounding the food and the speed at which it was served.

Since then, though still common in Asian food establishments like Neon and Yamamori, there’s definitely an influx of bench-lovers from Fumbally to Jo’Burger to Pitt Bros – Though some of these businesses do offer a few seats that have their own space, people are invited to eat with each other.

But does this take away from the experience of dining or enhance it? Here’s what you thought on Twitter:







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