Word of Mouth: Theatre of Food Programme at Electric Picnic

Heading to Electric Picnic this year? Don’t forget about the wonder that is the Theatre of Food!

Here’s a brief programme breakdown of what to expect (more in-depth details about the food area here):


  • Food for Life! with David and Stephen Flynn of the Happy Pear and Domini and Peaches Kemp.
  • Cooking with Seaweed with Kevin Thornton
  • Mexico Vs Spain with Jp McManus and Lily-Ramirez Foran
  • Sushi Skills with Kwanghi Chan
  • Food Truck Food with Diana Dodog
  • Street Food with Kevin O’Toole and Sham Hanifa
  • Hangover Food with Aine Maguire
  • Star Chefs: The Next Generation with Wade Murphy, Gearoid Lynch and the Eurotoques Young chefs
  • The Bear and the Butcher with Joe Macken
  • Ireland’s Food Treasures with Catherine Fulvio and Martin Shanahan
  • Beach Food with Atlantic Sea Kayaking
  • Wagyu Beef with Pat Whelan and Katy McGuinness
  • Vegan Feast with Louise Clarke Classic
  • Pub Grub with Richard and Duncan Blair


Classic Cocktails with Shannen Butler-Keane Wine, beer and Chocolate tasting with Leslie Williams and John Wilson Bear and Beards with Colin Hession Mixology and Whiskey with Oisin Davis.


The Theatre kitchen will run by award-winning chef Caitlin Ruth and Bridget Healy. Taste a Roast in a Roll from The Good Food Store, Goatsbridge Trout, and food from the Ardkeen Food Heroes.


Forgotten skills re-awakened in the tent: Raw Milk Cheesemaking, Fermentation, Country Butter, Gourmet Gluten-free and a Taco Workshop. Also a record-breaking attempt at a length of nettle pasta (family event).


Celebrating Design in Food, this will highlight three elements of Food Design and transformation: beer ice cream with Judith and Susan Boyle, Foams with JP McMahon and food styling with Johan van de Merwe.


Food Waste, the issues and solutions of this global problem. A Food Quiz – the celebs verses the starred chefs. BiaBeag, the Butcher, the Baker and the Brewer and a music session that gets everyone in the tent dancing, Let Music Be Your Food.


Theatre of Food returns with the Megaphone – manifestos on food leftovers, food waste, labelling, real bread, GMO, raw food and revising the outdated food pyramid.


This year sees a new award added to the traditional Judges Award and Picnicker’s Award, when a Design Award will also be given to the best-dressed food stall.


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(Lead image via Theatre of Food on Facebook)

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