Truly Irish Creamery Butter secures listing in 60 Tesco stores nationwide

Good news for one Irish company: Truly Irish Country Foods has secured a listing in 60 Tesco stores for its creamery butter.

According to the Farmers Journal, the business currently supports over 8,000 jobs and expanded into butter making in 2014.

The company was setup in 2008 by pig producers across Ireland and already supplies Tesco with a range of pork products.

“The launch of our Truly Irish Butter product was a natural progression for the company as some of our farmer shareholders are also dairy and beef producers”, Mike McAuliffe CEO of Truly Irish said.

The Truly Irish Creamery Butter is a natural product produced by traditional churning and free from artificial colourings, flavourings, additives and hydrogenated fats.

McAuliffe added;We hope to expand our range over time while standing by our motto to ‘absolutely refuse to compromise quality for profit’”

(Lead image via Truly Irish Country Foods on Facebook)

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