Restaurants Association of Ireland slams Dublin City Council for “Sunshine Tax” on Outdoor Seating

Dublin city restaurant owners have accused Dublin City Council of profiting from Ireland’s “sunshine tax” on seating outdoors.

In figures released by the Restaurants Association of Ireland, it was revealed that the council received over €450,000 in outdoor seating charges in 2014.

“These fees are applied based on the number of tables on a public footpath outside a premises PLUS an annual licence fee. This is a double taxation measure”, said Adrian Cummins of the RAI.

“The local authority rates are already so high that these charges threaten to cripple a business that employs local people, uses local produce and is vital for local business.

“From a survey carried out among RAI members across the entire country, it was found that a restaurant’s Annual Rates Bill ranges from €980-€150,000, averaging at €15,813. That kind of figure is ludicrous”.

Figures from the RAI show that most of the outdoor seating charges came from Dublin 2, with a total of €315,000 with Dublin 1 coming in €70,000. Dublin 6 yielded €15,000 while Dublin 8 was charged €9,000 and Dublin 3 came in at €716.

Speaking to RTÉ’s News at One, Cummins called for “at least a 70% reduction on this with immediate effect”.

(Lead image via Wikimedia Commons/William Murphy)

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