Question of the Week: How do you like your steak?

Happy Saturday! In this new weekend feature, I’m hoping to hear your views about a variety of topics relating to food and the food and drinks industry.

Kicking us off, this week I was curious to know how people like their steaks.

Growing up down in Kerry, though the steak was rare, it was quite common to have everyone at the table order theirs “well done”.

Even I used to order it that way, and at the time I used to wonder what the fuss was about. It just tasted like a hunk of meat. But then… I met “rare”.

These days I personally love mine to be really rare and definitely not incinerated like I was used to. I even had one blue while I was at Ballymaloe and it was delicious. I think it’s because I love the texture of raw meat and when it’s chargrilled to perfection it’s amazing!

How do you like yours? Here’s what you’ve been saying:



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(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

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