200 Words: Brasserie at The Marker

High-sculpted ceilings with cool colours dashed around its interior, The Marker’s Brasserie felt more like Tate Modern than restaurant.

Feeling quite posh though very much aware of what I was wearing, I sat along the large windows that were covered in long white curtains.

It was a night for splashing out.

For such a glamourous place that seemed to take pride in attention to detail, I was surprised to find that the water served to us wasn’t chilled nor were the side breads particularly tasty.

(John Ston 9oz rib eye steak, pressed beef belly, kale, saffron potato purée, elderberry jus)

(Thornhill duck, asparagus, pickled spring onion, fennel purée, pommes dauphine and morel jus)

(Brandy Bay oysters with Bloody Mary and Vietnamese dressing)

My partner’s steak and sundried tomato mash was super (though definitely very rare and not medium rare as requested), and my duck was wonderfully juicy, though it wasn’t very warm. However, I actually was overall impressed.

My oysters were glorious with their accompanying sauces and the cheeseboard had perfectly ripe cheeses and snappy oatcakes. The service was also spot on.

It’s one of those places that’s bound to be a treat rather than a normal night out, because it is ultimately, very pricey and you do feel like you have to really dress up for the occasion.

That being said, I would come back because I really did enjoy the food despite its minor faults.

Come again? When I can afford to!
Rating: 4/5
Website: http://www.themarkerhoteldublin.com/

(Lead image via The Marker Facebook page)


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