200 Words: Whitefriar Grill

The Whitefriar Grill – what can I say? Seldom have I had such an enjoyable experience from start-to-finish.

In the mood for a fun night out, my partner and I were greeted by a lovely waiter who proceeded to hand us a light Prosecco tipple while they prepared a table.

Jam-packed with an air of bustling energy, I was excited.

As part of Dublin Wine Festival, Whitefriar was offering a taste of three wines and I was delighted to see my favourite varietal Riesling as the star. Savouring the tastes of Eden Valley, Pflaz and Alsace, it was heavenly.

To be honest food wise, I hugely contemplated just having one word in this entire review which was: steak.

My partner went for the steak and I settled on duck, but I have to say when I tasted his meal, it was truly glorious. Crispy on the outside and juicy and pink on the inside, I was jealous.

The duck I ordered was worthy of praise too with the crispy skin contrasting wonderfully with the juices inside.

What a meal and what excellent service. I sometimes think that many restaurants don’t value their customers, but Whitefriar Grill is on the money.

Come again: Without a shadow of a doubt
Rating: 5/5
Website: http://whitefriargrill.ie/restaurant-dublin-brunch/

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