Irish Pubs Global Awards 2015 open for entries

If you’re the proud owner of a pub, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Irish Pubs Global Awards 2015 are now open for entry!

With a deadline of the 22nd January 2015 set for last entries, there are nine categories where various establishments could come out on top including: Best Native Irish Pub Award, Irish Pub Manager of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement award.

A panel of judges will comprise of the Chapter Presidents network of Irish Pubs Global and invited industry stakeholders, operating under the chairmanship of Enda O’Coineen, Founder & President of Irish Pubs Global, Kevin McParland, Executive Director, Irish Pubs Global and Averyl Quinn, Secretary General of Irish Pubs Global.

A Gala Awards Dinner will take place in the Ballsbridge Hotel, Dublin, on February 27th as part of the Gathering 2015 Event.

To find out more about the awards and to submit your entry, follow the link here.

(Image via Irish Pubs Global)

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