Review: Pride in local food from Sage Restaurant in Midleton

Tucked away off Main Street in Midleton is a restaurant that prides itself on sourcing local food from within a 12 Mile radius.

A party of three, we headed in from the rain for a meal that we hoped would give us the burst of energy that we so desperately needed.

Sage Restaurant
Main Street,
Co. Cork
Phone: 021 4639682

Despite having no booking, we were greeted with an infectious warmth that was echoed within the walls of Sage.

Wood and browns spilled across the restaurant floor, making the whole restaurant feel spacious yet sheltered from the elements.

Set up by Chef Kevin Aherne, the restaurant boasts an ambitious menu with descriptions of food that inspire curiosity.

Donning the walls are images of the producers they source from, with more gleaming smiles filtering through the room.

In an attempt to veer away from what I’d usually order, I decided to start with the “free-range chicken compression with burnt onion and apple caramel”.

photo 4(15)

The chicken fell away like the texture of pulled pork but with the juiciness of a chicken leg. Mixing my fork with the onion and caramel, I savoured the moment.

With mains on the way, I was eager to see what would be plated up next. Surrounding us were groups of diners and the aromas from the kitchen wafting through our seats.

Going for the more unusual dish, I chose a goat’s cheese gnocchi with a crispy egg, and expected something quite wonderful. I wasn’t disappointed.

Though the crispy egg could have been a shade crispier on one side, combining it with the cheese-infused gnocchi was such a delight that I didn’t mind.

photo 5(14)

To convince myself that it wasn’t just me, I had taste of the organic roast chicken and vegetables on my partner’s plate. Another simple success.


Unfortunately, dessert is not Sage’s strong point. As much as I love cheesecake, the one that I had was too dense to be enjoyable and sadly the crème brûlée portion was a touch too big to enjoy.


Overall, however, it’s quite tribute to Cork’s local producers though I would have loved to have seen more of them named on the menu, instead of being just featured on the walls.

Sage is a restaurant I’m still very curious about and I would love to go back again and see what else its menu has to offer. I left with a very satisfied tummy and a smile on my face.

Total: €74.40 (party of three with no wine and one starter)


One thought on “Review: Pride in local food from Sage Restaurant in Midleton”

  1. I love Sage, I think it’s a real treasure. I can’t really comment on the desserts as I don’t have a particularly sweet tooth. That doesn’t seem like bad value either, I read another review recently and the price for lunch seemed very expensive!

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