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Ballymaloe From the Editor

Ballymaloe Day 16: “Have some supper darling, before I stab you…”

The smell of freshly cooked fish wafted towards me and once again I was delighted that I had managed to nab myself a front row seat. Our morning’s cooking went well, and Daniel and I did our best to keep on time. Sally is our teacher this week, and like all the Ballymaloe teachers, she …

Food & Drink Producer Series From the Editor

Part Four: Irish food and drink producers worth getting to know

Celebrating the best of what we grow, create and produce here in Ireland – this continuous series is looking at some of my favourite producers. I absolutely love things that are made in Ireland and when I see companies that embrace local my heart soars – that being said, I do also believe that if …

Ballymaloe From the Editor

Ballymaloe Day 9: “Recipes are good as a guide – they’re not bible!”

After a relatively good day in the kitchen yesterday, everything collapsed on its head. What started out as a pretty straightforward order of work, it quickly transpired that time was not on anyone’s side. I started out with four recipes under my belt with a chicken to joint – and ended with six dishes to …