Review: Lunch without personality from Wuff in Dublin

For months myself and my other half had been trying to dine out in Wuff in Dublin 7 – not because it was booked out, but because every time we thought it was open, it wasn’t – our own faults I might add!

So when we finally got the opportunity to head there, we have to admit, we were excited.

23 Benburb Street
Dublin 7
Phone: (01) 532 0347

The lunch menu sounded right up our alley and after a quick glimpse inside, we decided to wait an extra half an hour until the main lunch crowd had departed.

Greeted by its friendly waiting staff, we sat down with ease and glanced at the menu – my other half remarked that he would’ve loved to try nearly everything on it and despite the fact that we had a few club sandwich disasters in the past few weeks, he settled on the classic dish and I on the pulled pork.

Wuff is a moderately-size room teamed with greys, blacks and browns, with a grid pattern on its windows – which works well in making the place feel modern but not too industrial – almost cosy in fact (I quite like the fact that I didn’t immediately compare it to anywhere else because of its own sense of style).

The staff are professional and sound like they’re actually interested in serving you and making you feel welcome.

So when the food arrived, I was already enthusiastic about tasting and easing myself into sandwich heaven.

My pulled pork sandwich, priced at €8.50, was sadly a disappointment.

Fiddly and sitting on top of a serviette, which sat on a plate, the bottom of the sandwich stuck to the tissue and made it unpleasant to finish the lower half. Though the colour of the pork was quite vibrant, it looked pretty lonely on my plate and I was glad that I had decided to order the chips as an accompaniment. It tasted fine, it was edible and I ate it, but I was puzzled.

Across the table my partner was happily tucking into his club sandwich – which incidentally was not a sandwich but a meal atop a slice of bread – combining the bacon, chicken, chutney and bread onto his fork and munching away.

photo 1(1)

“Was there something I missed?” I thought.

He offered me a bite and I could understand his enthusiasm. The flavours were there, the layers were there and the taste was there. The bacon was simply cooked, with not the overbearing taste of salt that often lingers; the chicken was juicy and the chutney though plentiful, didn’t turn the bread soggy or overpower it.

So I had missed out, but I shouldn’t have – a pity.

I stuck with my lonely pulled pork and wished there had been a side salad, some onions or a bit more flavour between the slices of Blaa.  The side-order of chips certainly filled my appetite and I glanced back at the menu of what I could have gone for.

Overall the meal was quite reasonable with our total just exceeding €20 so I didn’t feel completely let down, but I just feel like there was some personality missing in their presentation.

Funnily enough, I’m still curious to set foot in there again and sample something more exciting or at least their club again. Fingers crossed next time.

Total: €22.95

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