Mars Chocolate Drinks removes certain products due elevated levels of Bacillus species

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has announced that Mars Chocolate Drinks will be recalling certain milk drinks products manufactured by Milchwerke Mittelelbe GmbH.

The batches are being recalled due to the elevated presence of a bacterium known as Bacillus in some of the products – which can cause food poisoning.


The list includes the following:

Sports-cap bottles:

Mars Refuel Milk (350, 376 ml);
Starburst Strawberry Drink (350 ml);
Bounty Drink (350ml);
Snickers Shake (350, 376 ml);
Skittles Wildberry Drink(376 ml);
Galaxy Smooth Milk (350, 376 ml);
Milky Way Milk (350 ml);
Mars Caramel Milk (350ml);
Skittles Fruits Drink (350, 376ml);

750ml ‘fridge pack’ bottles:
Mars Milk (750 ml);
Galaxy Smooth Milk (750ml) and
Skittles Fruits Drink (750 ml)

Bottles’ “best before” dates are between 19th December 2014 and 11th April 2015.

Consumers are advised not to drink the affected batches.

(Images via the Food Safety Authority of Ireland)

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