Kerrygold teams up with Irish designer Orla Kiely for new package design

Who would have thought that butter could look so stylish? The team at Kerrygold have joined forces with Irish designer Orla Kiely, to give their butters a snazzy makeover.

“Orla is an Irish icon just like Kerrygold” said Michael Harper, Director of Brands. “So she was the natural choice when selecting someone special to give our famous pack an iconic new look”.

Orla, who uses a lot of colours and prints in her work, adapted her famous designs to give the butter a stylish look, matching Kerrygold’s green and gold signature colours.

Sadly, the packs (Kerrygold’s 250g Salted Block, 400g Spreadable and 250g Softer) are limited edition and will only be available in stores in the UK for 8 weeks from the 1st October.

So if you want one, you’ll have to zip across the water or ask a friend…. Still, it’s great to see Irish products showcasing our talent.

(Image via Karen O’Donoghue on Twitter)

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