Electric Picnic’s Theatre of Food line-up has been revealed

Food lovers heading to Electric Picnic this year will have the opportunity to taste a vast variety of food and drink at the festival.

Theatre of Food returns to the grounds for its fourth year running and will feature a mix of chefs, writers, artisan food producers, bakers, brewers and other food heroes.

Described as a celebration of food and drink, the Theatre of Food situated in the Mindfield area, will host food demos from people like Ireland’s own Neven Maguire, chef Paul Flynn and author Lilly Higgins.

This year’s theme “Africa, A Rising Continent”, will see  Michelin-starred chef Kevin Thornton cooking up a storm and showcasing food from Ethiopia using ingredients brought specially over to Ireland. He will also be highlight his journey with an exhibition of his photography from the country.

Aside from food demos, the event will also play host to cocktail demos from champion mixologists Darren Geraghty and Oisín Davis and Paul Lambert from Kinara Kitchen will put together flavours inspired by Pakistan.


On Saturday evening food writer and former Hot Press journalist, John McKenna will talk music with chefs Paul Flynn (The Tannery), Kevin Thornton (Thornton’s), Declan Maxwell (Chapter One), Joe Macken (Jo’ Burger), and Hot Press editor Niall Stokes,

 “Theatre of Food Tastes” will be around all weekend treating the audience to delicious tastings of exciting foods almost every hour. The kitchen will be orchestrated by chef Caitlin Ruth from Deasy’s Harbour Bar in West Cork, and the audience will hear from the innovative producers, chefs and bakers behind the tastings, such as: cocktails with Newgrange Gold; a “Taste of Nepal” from Lina Gautam of Monty’s of Kathmandu; cakes from Eunice Power; frozen delights from Chilly Moo, and African curries from Michael Quinn.

Note: there will also be ice cream beers served as an addition side show!

For those who’re looking to scoop up a prize, Electric Picnic will see the the return of their Food Awards where picnicers are asked to tweet a food photo that will be judged during a talk with Le Cool and Forkful TV.


More information on what’s going on can be found on the Electric Picnic website here. The Theatre will be open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

(Images via Theatre of Food on Facebook)

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